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NDG Osteopathy: Your Well-Being Partner During Pregnancy

Dear future mothers of Notre-Dame-De-Grâce and surrounding areas,

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of life, but it can also bring its share of pain and discomfort. At Ostéopathie NDG, I understand the challenges you may encounter during this special time. That's why I'm dedicated to providing you with osteopathic support tailored to your unique needs.

Located in the heart of Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, near the boroughs of Côte St-Luc, Montréal-Ouest and Hampstead at 6575 av Somerled in Montréal. I specialize in the care of pregnant women. As an osteopathy student and qualified by the RITMA association, I am here to help you relieve back, lumbar and sciatica discomfort often associated with pregnancy. I also relieve sacrum discomfort, abdominal and uterine discomfort, as well as other common disorders encountered during pregnancy.

At Ostéopathie NDG, I believe in a holistic approach to health, emphasizing the overall well-being of the pregnant woman and her baby. I am an osteopathic student who works closely with you to develop a personalized, safe and effective treatment plan, aimed at optimizing your comfort and mobility during this special time in your life.

Take care of yourself and your baby with Osteopathy NDG. Contact me today to schedule your consultation and let us help you experience a more comfortable and fulfilling pregnancy.

Osteopathy NDG - Your ally for a peaceful pregnancy.


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